The Harmony Hub

During the Covid-19 crisis we've been unable to run our regular cookery groups including lunch club and Thursday soup and social that so many members of our community depended on for company and support as well as healthy food and an opportunity to learn to cook. Among the projects we've undertaken to keep the support going are our pay as you can shop, allowing people to get the food the need while seeing a friendly face, and our work with Karl Buxton. Karl is an award winning chef who has worked with us to offer cookery videos that we share widely on our website, facebook pages and youtube channel. We also offer the videos with an accompanying box of ingredients to people who previously attended our groups and want to keep up their learning around the essential life skills of cooking and nutrition.

About the Hub

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The Harmony Hub is our centre on Redcar High Street. It's where we redistribute the surplus supermarket food we rescue that would otherwise have gone to landfill. It's also where we teach skills like cooking, share information about nutrition, deliver training and much more.

Thanks to an amazingly generous donation from Willmott Dixon in 2019 we were able to install an industrial kitchen where staff and volunteers can pass on their knowledge and skills to people who are just developing their interest in cooking. This knowledge allows people the option of eating healthily even on a low budget, it means that often people are able to feel empowered when they discover that making a healthy meal can be easier and cheaper than we sometimes expect and in some cases people even discover a new passion in life and go on to develop their catering skills and enhance their whole lives.

Recently we have been unable to hold our regular groups due to the regulations around COVID19. Our current focus is collecting surplus food from supermarkets to distribute from our pay as you feel shop, where people can take as much as they need and are invited to leave a donation to the costs of the centre if they are able. Keeping the shop open has allowed us to stay in contact with some of the more vulnerable people who come here and to make sure that there is still a steady supply of food to those in financial uncertainty, either due to the crisis or for other reasons.

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Under normal circumstances the Harmony Hub is above all a place where people can come together and be part of a group, it is somewhere where friendships are formed and emotional support is given and we hope to be able to return it to this role very soon. Lots of the people who come here are having a difficult time in one way or another, struggling to make ends meet, dealing with housing challenges and battling loneliness. We are doing what we can to stay in touch with the people who depended on our services and support them through this time by using our facebook page, and of course encouraging the use of the shop.

Although our shop and many of our groups were developed with vulnerable people in mind, everyone is welcome at the Harmony Hub. Preventing food waste by using food that would have been thrown away is vital for the protection of our planet, which means it is in everybody's best interest. Similarly cooking simple and healthy food supports the planet as much as our own bodies so why not pop along and see us, our opening times during the crisis are outlined below:

Monday          10.00am - 12.00pm       Pay as you feel shop

Tuesday         Closed

Wednesday    10.00am - 12.00pm       Pay as you feel shop   

Thursday        Closed

Friday             10.00am - 12.00pm       Pay as you feel shop

Saturday         Closed

Sunday           Closed

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