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Weekly Wander Episode 15

This week we've had some great news, Molly, one of our trainees, has found long term work. The aim of the kickstart scheme is for young people to work in a temporary post with us (and lots of other businesses) while undertaking employability training with a view to finding long term employment so we're delighted that Molly has been successful in finding a landscaping job, exactly what she was hoping for. Around the site much of the work is building work, Dan and Thomas are working on housing for the ducks so that they won't be so cramped during the avian flu outbreak and Ryan is finishing off the large covered growing area and passing on the excess netting to Dan and Thomas to protect the ducks. We also pay a little visit to the polytunnel to check on the seedlings and explain about the kind of jobs that can be done in the garden at this time of year.

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