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Weekly Wander Episode 14

This week in the garden we look at our winter seedlings, cabbages and peas are all coming along very nicely and Molly has made a framework in one of the indoor raised beds for the peas to grow up once they get bigger. We're having mixed results with the lettuces and salad greens, some are looking strong and beautiful and others are struggling slightly but we're hopeful we can get them back on track.

In other news we discuss the measures we're taking to secure against the bird flu epidemic while still allowing our birds a bit of outdoor space. There's still time to donate to our fundraiser if you'd like to, it will close on November 14th and we are so grateful for your support so far. The plan for our next walk is brewing in the back of our minds so do stay tuned for an announcement in the new year about our increasingly ambitious plans!

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