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Renovation and Wreaths

This weekend our Skinningrove site will be featured in the MFC programme for the match against Norwich City in the section about the work of Middlesbrough foundation. The publication is available for free on the MFC website We've received some great support from MFC foundation and we're really pleased to be showcased in their program.

Meanwhile at Kirkleatham we've been renovating and repairing all parts of our site that have been looking a bit worn and are hoping to get our first winter crops in soon. We will be planting onions and broad beans which should be ready early next year. There's so much background work to be done at this time of year and although it can be hard to even see what we've achieved at times, the work will allow us to get our planting done quickly and efficiently next spring.

As well as the work on the gardens, our biggest project of the week has been preparing wreath making kits! Every year we offer wreath making workshops and they are always a big hit so this year we've decided to offer a virtual alternative, we've put together kits including the bases, foliage and other things needed to make your own Christmas wreath and we're working on an instructional video to go with them. If you're interested in making a wreath of your own let us know and we'll add you to the Facebook group where the video will be shared.

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