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Quesadillas, volunteers and mess disappears!

With most of the clearing finished at our Skinningrove site, the mess and weeds have disappeared! Or rather, they've been painstakingly removed by our tireless volunteers who continue to help out week after week as the site progresses. We could not be more grateful for their help and there is of course no way we could do it without them.

The site is the first of a number of outreach sites located across East Cleveland to bring organic growing to the communities surrounding our main hub at Kirkleatham and now that the clearing is almost done, we've started to make plans for the next stage of the site's development. In this week's YouTube video, Francis shows us around the work that's been done already and talks us through what will happen next. we also see a comparison of the site as it was in July and as it is now, the difference is amazing!

In other news, we've added the second of Karl Buxton's cookery videos to the website, with a third to come soon. This second one is how to make quesadillas, and they were delicious! Definitely worth a try if you're wondering what to cook and they're not too hard to do either.

We've also added some more volunteer interviews to our 'meet the volunteers' page, it's really lovely to hear lots of different people's experiences of working here. The links to everything mentioned can be found below, along with pictures of the Skinningrove site.

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