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Kalettes, sunbathing guinea pigs and the adventures of Sharon!

This week at the garden things have been getting very exciting!

We've been buying and planting seeds for the new season and we're already starting to see little seedlings appear. One of our favourite crops of last year were the kalettes, a cross between kale and sprouts that yields little mini kales that grow from a central stem in the same way that brussels sprouts do. Last year's crop are currently ready for eating and we liked them so much we've planted them again this year.

One interesting discovery Sharon made about the kalettes is that because they are an F1 variety, the seeds they produce would grow into either kale or sprouts, whichever was the dominant parent plant so we're thinking of saving seeds from last years kalettes and planting them to see what happens, we love a garden experiment here. Below you can see this year's kalette seedlings, last year's grown up kalettes and some of the other seeds we've acquired ready to plant within the next couple of months.

As the weather improves we've also been enjoying the opportunity to boost our vitamin D levels, even the smallest members of our team, Ruby and Lucy, have been doing a bit of sunbathing while also boosting their other vitamins by eating their greens!

And in our last (and most entertaining) piece of news this week, the windy weather caused problems for Sharon, who managed to get trapped in a stable! Sadly we didn't get a photo but while she was getting the food for the birds a strong gust of wind blew the lower half of the door shut so hard that it jammed in the frame. As poor Sharon was the only person on site at the time and couldn't free herself she was trapped in there until other staff members could drive over to free her (and laugh at her). Fortunately she remains unscathed by the incident and has developed a healthy wariness of the stable doors!

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