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Duck ponds, training areas and baby peacocks

We've had an odd week here at In Harmony Food Revolution, lots of our outdoor work has been affected by some very strange weather, boiling hot one day and freezing cold the next, which has made it hard for us to plan our tasks. However we still managed to revamp the duck pond on Monday, giving it a good clean out and adding some steps and plants to make it look lovely.

We also got lots done at our new Skinningrove site on Tuesday, which is looking very different to how it looked when we first took it over a few weeks ago. We've been clearing out and stripping everything back so that we can start prepping the ground for planting. As it's such a huge job it might take us a while but our fabulous volunteers, always at the heart of everything we do, have been an enormous help.

On Wednesday we were delighted to welcome back some of the older students from Kirkleatham school for their land skills session. This week was the first time they were able to return to the site so it was really lovely to see them again.

The rest of the week we've spent working on our training area. Our hope is that it can be a miniature version of the whole site with a crop rotation system in place in four of the smaller raised beds and square foot gardening in others. Square foot gardening is something we've dabbled with for many years here at Growing in Harmony and now feels like a good time to work on it in earnest. If you only have a small space to work with, square foot gardening is often the best way to make the most of your space, which is something we feel passionate about and are looking forward to showcasing here at Kirkleatham.

And in other news we've spent much of our in between times cooing over the baby peacock who is so cute we can't stop watching him!

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