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Composting time

This week at the garden we're all about the composting! We've been digging out the stuff that's fully rotted or mostly rotted and spreading it across the top of the raised beds so that it can rot down further and feed the soil ready for the plants in the spring. Once it's on the beds we cover them with cardboard to stop the weeds coming through.

Our compost is made from green waste for which we use the things we've cleared from last year's beds, rotten veg that we often get in deliveries to our shop (we get everything that the supermarket throws away and sort it into what is suitable to eat and what needs to go straight on the compost), leftover greenery from the Christmas wreaths we made, old soil from last year's plant pots and eggshells.

In between our green layers we have brown layers made from chicken, rabbit and Guinea pig waste including the sawdust and straw we use for their bedding

For more on how to build a compost heap using the lasagne method check out our video on YouTube

An empty compost box waiting to be filled

Our top 'green' layer, underneath it is our last brown layer of animal waste and cardboard

Some finished compost ready to use

Compost going into the bed

The bed covered with cardboard ready to rot down

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