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Building sites, bird flu and Christmas abundance

Things at Skinningrove are really starting to move forwards this week. We now have all of the materials we need to move put our plans into action. We've had some generous donations and now have slabs that will allow us to build paths all around the site, making it more accessible for everyone. We also have mulch to cover the areas in between the raised beds, wood for the borders and sands to put under the surfaces, so while the place currently looks a bit like a building site, with the help of our fantastic volunteers it will soon be looking amazing. Pictures of the Skinningrove site will follow in future blogs.

Meanwhile at Kirkleatham we've had to go into lockdown with the chickens, taking biosecurity measures to prevent the spread of avian flu so while our birds still have plenty of space to be free range, for now they don't have the run of the site. We're keeping each group of birds separate so that we stand a better chance of saving most of them if we do have any problems.

On a happier note our wreath making sessions continue to go well, we've been hard at work collecting foliage, assembling instructions for our kits and making finished wreaths. Wreaths and kits are available to order for £10 on 07543741687 and if you want to collect your own foliage we're selling bases separately for £5

Also at Kirkleatham we're making preparations for our education area for schools and visiting children and families, there'll be some raised beds, growing areas and a chicken area. Our volunteers are working really hard to get everything assembled and we hope to be able to welcome school groups in the spring.

Back at the Harmony Hub we're preparing for Christmas, the shop is well stocked with small gifts as well as lots of food so don't forget to pop down and start your shopping here, we're open to everyone and we operate on a pay as you feel basis, we just ask for donations to keep the lights on so do pay us a visit and rescue some food from the dreaded landfill!

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