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The Rekalibrator


Labyrinths are an ancient tool for reflection and contemplation and as such can be extremely powerful catalysts for positive change in our lives. The Rekalibrator is a special kind of labyrinth designed by permaculture enthusiast David Spence.

David's vision was to use this ancient and powerful tool to help people understand the principles of permaculture, allowing us to appreciate the connections between our own wellbeing and that of the planet on a deeper level. You can read more about the development of the Rekalibrator on David's website here.

In the video below David explains more about the Rekalibrator.

David tours the local area with a temporary version of the Rekalibrator and has had such positive feedback that in January 2020 he teamed up with us here at our Growing in Harmony site to build the first permanent version

In addition to our organised events, the permanent Rekalibrator is available to use for groups and individuals. Great for team building events, parties with a difference, educational groups, and many more. Get in touch through our contact page to make your booking.

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