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Tidy up time!

Now that the weather is changing it feels like autumn is well and truly here at our Kirkleatham site, Growing in Harmony. lots of things in the garden are starting to die off, lots of leaves and bits and pieces are blowing around the site and it's time for a good tidy up!

The colder weather has made us all want to keep moving and keep busy so we've been doing lots of sweeping and clearing while we begin to think about what crops to grow through the winter.

Our wonderful volunteer Karl has been sweeping the paths, they're now looking beautiful! Our lovely Zoe has been weeding and reorganising the tools and Robert has been cleaning out the chickens. There's a lot of work to do to get the site cleaned up and ready for the winter, including harvesting the plants we've grown (soon to be sold in our shop!) and clearing the beds ready for the next lot of plants. We hope that we'll soon reach a point where we can put in some winter crops, watch this space to find out what!

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