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Flu, Floods and Shopping

This week at the garden we've been faced with some challenges! Bird flu continues to be an issue so our chickens still can't roam around the gardens as they normally do. Fortunately we've been able to secure their outside runs so that they still have plenty of space to move and can get some fresh air. Less fortunately storm Christoph made his presence known, causing damage to the newly created chicken enclosures. The damage has now been repaired and all of the chickens are doing well despite their captivity.

The storm also caused a lot of flooding at our Skinningrove site so work has had to stop there for the time being.

On a happier note we've been preparing at Kirkleatham for the growing season ahead. We've been clearing beds, cleaning polytunnels and pots and taking inventory of what tools and equipment we've got. During the course of each growing season some of our stock invariably gets lost or damaged and it's important that we have enough good quality tools for our staff and volunteers to use. We use this quiet time in the winter to work out what we need to replace as well as what we will need for any upcoming projects we have planned. There are quite a few exciting ideas in the pipeline here so we've been doing quite a bit of shopping so that we can be ready to start on them as the weather improves, watch this space for future updates!

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